After revealing Ken Kaneki in costume, as well as his mask, the official Tokyo Ghoul website has now also revealed the live-action movie version’s own Tohka Kirishima, who is played by actress Fumika Shimizu.

Shimizu has been known for her long hair, but she really had it cut just for the movie. In fact, she really didn’t hesitate in cutting it short for the role. She revealed that this is the first time she’s had short hair since she was in 4th grade elementary school.

Aside from Kubota, who plays Kaneki, and Shimizu who plays Tohka, the cast will include:

  • Yuu Aoi as Rize Kamishiro
  • Nobuyuki Suzuki as Koutarou Amon
  • Yo Oizumi as Kureo Mado

The live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie, which will be directed by Kentarou Hagiwara, is slated to premiere in Summer 2017. It is based on Sui Ishida’s popular action-horror manga.

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