Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise definitely has no shortage of strong female characters, and many of them definitely have strong fan followings among men.

Japanese media website, MyNavi Freshers, recently asked 200 male college students which Final Fantasy heroine is the one that they want as a girlfriend. Here are the Top 5:

5 – Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)

4 – Serah (Final Fantasy XIII)

3 – Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

2 – Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

1 – Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

As expected, FF13’s Lightning topped the poll, as fans said that her stoic and often-tsundere nature makes her an ideal waifu. Meanwhile, fans voted Yuna for second place, and Tifa third. The Top 5 was dominated by FF13 heroines, as they secured three of the Top 5 spots. Also, a certain dead girl from FF7 seems to be missing in the Top 5…

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Source: Niconico Video News


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