There’s a running joke that Japan has green tea-flavored everything, from Kitkats to ice cream. However, Nissin is releasing a new flavor that would really support that claim, as they are releasing a Matcha Green Tea-infused seafood ramen.

So a green tea flavored ramen huh? Now that’s just about as Japanese as you could get! Maybe we’ll get a sushi and wasabi-flavored sake next, right? Though many are saying that why is Nissin only doing something like this now?! Aside from the Green Tea Seafood ramen, Nissin is also releasing green tea-flavored Donbei sukiyaki udon and green tea-flavored ufo yakisoba…

Nissin is hoping to not only appeal to foreign customers, but also local matcha and ramen enthusiasts. They will be releasing all three products on January 23, 2016, with each cup noodle costing 180 yen.

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