Re:Zero’s Rem is arguably 2016’s most popular heroine, and not only is she getting birthday parties thrown in her honor (while her TWIN sister, Ram, doesn’t even get one), Banpresto is also releasing a special cake just for her birthday!

The Demon Maid Twins are celebrating their birthdays on February 2, and Banpresto’s Ichiban Cafe is releasing the cake just in time. Slated for release between January 31 and February 2, the official Rem birthday cake costs 4,000 yen. It comes with a marzipan plate, a place mat, and two coasters, all of which feature Rem.

So far, Banpresto has not announced one for Rem’s TWIN sister, Ram. Poor girl, not only is she not getting an official birthday party, but she’s not getting any birthday cake either…

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Source: BP Navi


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