Winter 2017 is already upon us, and the season is full of returning anime that everyone is excited to see return. However, there are also several new series making their debuts this season, and we’re really excited to watch them as well.

After careful deliberation, we picked out seven new anime for our SGCAFE List. These are completely new series, so we won’t be including any new seasons of previous anime like KonoSuba 2 and Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Arc. We also won’t be including spin-offs like Fuuka and series which had previous anime adaptations before like Little Witch Academia. We will be focusing on those returning anime and spin-offs in a different article.Here are our seven picks:

BanG Dream

BanG Dream is one of the new anime coming into the season with a ton of hype. The anime is part of a huge multimedia project which includes music videos, a manga, and music CDs. If you are familiar with that multimedia formula, this sounds a bit more like Love Live!, but instead of school idols, BanG Dream focuses on an all-girl band known as Poppin’ Dream.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Revenge is something that consumes you, and for a former bullying victim like Masamune Makabe, he has been planning out his vengeance on his former bully, Aki Adagaki. He will stop at nothing to get back at his former tormentor, even going through a drastic change. This tale of revenge however gets a bit more complicated as his relationship with Aki grows…

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

From renowned animation studio, Kyoto Animation, comes this anime about a woman and her maid… who happens to be a dragon. Just the fact that this is made by KyoAni has gotten people excited to watch it, and if you’re into Monster Girls and/or Maids, this one might be for you… and speaking of Monster Girls…

Interviews with Monster Girls

A Monster Girl-obsessed biology teacher finds out that his class includes a vampire, a succubus, a snow woman/ yuki onna, and a dullahan. Hi-jinx ensues.


If you loved Hitman Reborn!, you may love ēlDLIVE. From Hitman Reborn creator Akira Amano, the anime follows orphan boy Chuuta Kokonose, who suddenly gets transported to outer space and finds out he’s been chosen to join a space police force.

Youjo Senki

What happens when a ruthless but brilliant salaryman angers God and gets punished by him, getting him reborn as a little girl? Become a dangerous commander hellbent on world domination, that’s what! The anime sounds really bold, and we have huge expectations from it as well.

Scum’s Wish

The anime follows a couple who seemingly love each other, even though they appear to be quite intimate. However, both of them are in love with someone else, and they both started their relationship to soothe each other’s loneliness and longing for the ones they truly love but cannot have.

So what do you think of our picks? What’s the anime you are most hyped for this Winter 2017?

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