It’s finally 2017, and it’s now time for our annual look at the year that was, which is 2016. The year really had great anime, and now, we’ve picked the Top 10 anime which we think is the best of 2016. After a lot of debates, violent reactions, and even a fist fight breaking out, we finally settled on our Top 10 picks of the year, though we are including a few special mentions. We only picked TV anime, so your name. isn’t counter, nor are the OVA releases for last year. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 picks:

10 – Haikyuu!!

The third season saw Karasuno High take on Shiratorizawa High School, and this season was just simply heart-stopping, as every episode leaves you wanting more. For that alone, Haikyuu!! makes it on our list at #10

9 – Yuri on Ice

Now I know what many of you guys are thinking, but Yuri on Ice is actually pretty good, just ignore all the fujoshi-bait fan service and you would actually enjoy the story, which is quite action-packed.

8 – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Wit Studio, the same studio behind Attack on Titan, has brought us a new post-apocalyptic anime, and this one features some awesome animation, great story, and an amazing soundtrack. This Steampunk Zombie anime is simply beautiful, and simply one of 2016’s very best.

7 – Orange

Orange has plenty of drama which pulls at your heartstrings. The story is simply beautiful, and let’s just say that the anime is considered the Best Shoujo Anime in 2016 for a reason.

6 – Joker Game

It is tough to pull off an anime which is episodic in nature with no real central character, however, Joker Game did it and exceeded expectations. The intrigue during the time period leading to World War II featured plenty of tensions, and the anime fed off of that to create a great story which lead to plenty of exciting moments.

5 – March Comes in Like a Lion

Shaft brings to life the struggles of genius Shogi player, Rei Kiriyami in vivid detail, and it looks beautiful. Director Akiyuki Simbo gives the original source manga a lot of justice, as the anime really makes you feel Rei’s struggles and make you laugh out loud as well.

4 – ReLife

If you’re an adult already, this anime hits you right where it hurts. The anime has plenty of great moments, and we’re all thankful they released all its episodes at the same time! the anime has a lot of themes both teenagers and adults could really relate to, and the story is just simply great to follow.

3 – KonoSuba

Let’s face it, KonoSuba’s animation isn’t great, though that fact actually helped the anime a lot! The animation made the comedic scenes stand out more, an the anime is genuinely funny. It’s not even trying at making its audience laugh out loud! KonoSuba is truly the funniest anime of the season, and we think it deserves to be in #3! Now, cue the EXPLOSIONS, ain’t that right, Michael Bay Megumin?!

2 – Re:Zero

Re:Zero is without a doubt, the most POPULAR anime of 2016, and with good reason, as the anime makes you excited at what will happen next, feel for the characters, get frustrated with Subaru, and really make you want to watch more. It could possibly be the best anime of 2016, however, one anime stood in its way to #1.


Yes, we admit that the serial killer was pretty obvious, but what makes this anime the #1 anime of 2016 is the fact that it keeps you at the edge of your seat despite that. The anime’s pacing and timing for scenes is second to none, and this heart-stopping thriller really makes you want to watch more at the end of every episode. Like Re:Zero, the anime will frustrate you, make you genuinely worried, but we didn’t see any dull moments with it, and that is why it is our #1.

We’ve also got a few special mentions, which unfortunately didn’t make it in our list… since we can only name 10. And they are:

My Hero Academia
Flying Witch
Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto
Alderamin on the Sky
New Game
The Great Passage

So what do you think of our picks? What’s your favorite anime of 2016? HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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