Several huge announcements were made for the Fate series during New Year’s Eve, and one of them announces the anime adaptation of TYPE-MOON and Yuichiro Higashide’s Fate/Apocrypha novels! A PV has also been revealed along with a key visual:

A-1 Pictures will be animating the series, with Charlotte director, Yoshiyuki Asai directing. Novel writer Yuichiro Higashide is also writing the script for the series himself. The anime will be unlike the previous Holy Grail Wars, as this time, it will be seven servants and masters taking on another team of sever servants and masters, and not a free-for-all conflict.

Another huge reveal would be the latest PV for Fate/Extra Last Encore, which is the TV anime adaptation of Type-Moon and Marvelous’s Fate/Extra game, which was released for the PSP platform back in 2011. A new key visual was also added.

Monogatari and Madoka Magica director, Akiyuki Simbo, will be directing the series over at SHAFT. The anime will premiere “next winter”.

Finally, the last big Fate reveal is the new trailer for ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel movie, which adapts the Sakura Matou route from the original eroge. The Fate route, or Saber route, was adapted into a TV anime by Studio DEEN back in 2006, while ufotable adapted the Unlimited Bladeworks/ Rin Tohsaka route into a TV anime as well. The film will premiere in 2017.

Wow! So many Fate announcements! Expect more to be revealed soon as well.

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