China has had a record of bootleg robot and anime statues, from Gundam to Naruto to One Piece. However, an official Evangelion statue was recently erected in Shanghai by the ChinaJoy gaming expo.

The statue measures at 24.8 meters, making it the largest Eva statue in the world. Studio Khara by series director, Hideaki Anno, owns the statue, however, it was planned by Heitao, which developed an official Evangelion smartphone game in China. It was made in cooperation with the Shanghai Character License Administrative Corporation (SCLA), which holds the Eva Expo event in China. This means that even though it’s in China, it’s really an official statue.

The statue is larger than the 6m statue erected in the anime’s setting of Hakone (where Neo Tokyo is supposed to be) back in 2015.

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source: Hachimakikou


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