For the first time ever, the Philippines held its first GunPla Expo event. However, the event had the country’s GunPla community up in arms as several bootleg enthusiasts invaded the event and proudly showed off their bootleg kits.

The move angered many GunPla enthusiasts around the Philippine islands, and the people behind the stunt faced harsh criticism, so much so that one of them was forced to deactivate his Facebook page. In response, one of the people behind the fiasco came forward and issued his apology. He admitted that the move was indeed wrong and said he only dragged the others along with his idea.

Neil, the man who admitted to be the leader of the group, said the other people in the images should not be blamed because he just dragged them along. He also said it wasn’t his intention to disrespect the event, and the pictures were just for fun as personal memories of the event. He said that he was very excited about the country’s first GunPla Expo, and was even at SM Mall of Asia at around 8:30 am, hours before the event even began. He gave his sincerest apologies to those who viewed his actions as stupid and disrespectful.

So far, Bandai, nor its official Philippine distributor, Bankee, have commented on the issue. They are holding the GunPla Expo from February 25th – March 5th at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium.

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Thank you to our friend, Rick for the help in translations from Tagalog.


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