The Philippines kicked off its very first GunPla Expo last weekend to the enjoyment of the country’s GunPla enthusiasts. Gundam fans from all over the Philippines, even as far away from Manila as Davao and Cagayan de Oro, have converged at the SM Mall of Asia to celebrate GunPla.

However, it wasn’t reallyu as smooth-sailing, as several enthusiasts from a certain bootleg Gundam model company invaded the Bandai event and showed off one of that company’s bootleg kits. Needless to say, the Filipino GunPla fans weren’t amused at all.

The group proudly posted the photos in several Gundam Facebook groups, where they immediately received backlash for the apparent disrespect they had for the company responsible for the popularity of the GunPla hobby. The posters deleted the posts after receiving much backlash though several screenshots of their posts have been posted online, especially on Facebook.

So far, Bandai, nor its official Philippine distributor, Bankee, have commented on the issue. They are holding the GunPla Expo from February 25th – March 5th at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium.

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Top 2 images via Gundam Philippines

thank you Kio Santos for the bottom image and my friend from the Philippines, June for the heads up


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