Back in 2013, light novel author Noboru Yamaguchi, passed away because of cancer, leaving behind his signature series, The Familiar of Zero, unfinished. However, MF Bunko is finally releasing the final volume to the public after all these years! And a few months after it was announced, they finally revealed new details of its release, including its cover illustration!

They revealed that the final volume will be released on February 24th. They also revealed that the novel series’ illustrator, Eiji Usatsuka, will be releasing an art book titled “Finale Zero no Tsukaima Complete Illustration Collection Usatsuka Eiji Artworks”. It will be released on March 25, and boasts 300 pages featuring over 500 illustrations.

The series remained unfinished after its author passed away, as only 20 of its planned 22 volumes have been finished. However, due to insistent public demand, MF Bunko, which publishes the series, has announced that they will be releasing the new volume.

The author writing the new volume has still not been revealed, however, the works of this new author will be based on the manuscripts and plot left behind by Yamaguchi before he died. The new volume is scheduled for release on February 25, 2016.

Yamaguchi passed away before he finished the Familiar of Zero series in 2013, and has left behind some manuscripts for the next volume as he was planning to finish it before he passed away. The last volume, volume 20, was released in 2011.

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