Sometimes, an anime needs to take a break from its usual story lines and give some fanservice along the way. That is the purpose of the “Beach Episode” where the characters get to unwind and rest before the series moves forward or the story gets an heavier tone.

Japanese communications company, NTT Docomo, recently held a new online poll for anime fans via their dAnime Store streaming service. The poll is divided into two categories, one for the boys and one for the girls, and as they say, ladies first. So here are the Top 10 results for the ladies:

10 – Kiss Him, Not Me ep.9

9 – Another ep.8

8 – Yuri!! on ICE ep. 10

7 – B-Project ep.8

6 – Love Live! ep.10

5 – Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

4 – Ouran High Host Club ep.8

3 – Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolution episode 2

2 – Touken Ranbu – Hanamaru

1 – Free! (entire series and Eternal Summer sequel)

To be fair, every single episode of Free! is a frigging Beach Episode! No wonder the anime took first place! Now, here are the Top 10 according to the guys:

10 – The [email protected] ep.5

9 – School-Live! ep.9

8 – Gun x Sword ep. 17

7 – Amagi Brilliant Park ep. 3 and 7

6 – Is the Order a Rabbit? ep. 8

5 – A Certain Scientific Railgun ep. 13

4 – Hyouka ep. 11.5 OVA

3 – Amagami SS episodes 13 – 16

2 – IS: Infinite Stratos episode 9

1 – Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Unsurprisingly, SAO won this one from the boys, with Infinite Stratos taking in second place. So, what’s your favorite beach episode?

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