Last month, Code Geass surprised everyone as the series dominated last month’s Newtype Rankings. For the March 2017 Newtype Rankings, it seems that another not-so-new series is dominating.


  1. Archer (Fate)
  2. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)
  3. Shirou Emiya (Fate)
  4. Kirito (Sword Art Online)
  5. Gilgamesh (Fate)
  6. Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari)
  7. Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  8. Victor Nikiforov (Yuri!! on Ice)
  9. Mikazuki Augus (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)
  10. Kazuma Satou (KonoSuba)


  1. Saber (Fate)
  2. Rin Tohsaka (Fate)
  3. Mash Kyrielight (Fate)
  4. Shiki Tougi (Kara no Kyoukai)
  5. Shinobu Oshino (Monogatari)
  6. Asuna (Sword Art Online)
  7. Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate)
  8. Tsubasa Hanekawa (Monogatari)
  9. Sakura Matou (Fate)
  10. C.C. (Code Geass)

Now that’s a lot of Fate characters! A Total of eight characters from the Fate franchise have made it to the Top 10 of the two Newtype character rankings for March 2017, even taking all Top 3 spots of the female rankings.

Meanwhile, Monogatari also did well, as did Code Geass. In fact, most of the entries are some not-so-new franchises like Fate, Code Geass, and Monogatari. The most recent anime that made it to the rankings are KonoSuba, Bungou Stray Dogs, Iron-Blooded Orphans, and Yuri!! on Ice.

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