Today is February 2, which means that Re:Zero’s demon maid twins are celebrating their birthday! And as Ram and Rem are celebrating their birthdays, the younger of the two, Rem, got a special birthday cake, as well as birthday parties thrown in her honor. Now, Gamers Akihabara, one of the sites celebrating Rem’s birthday, has finally started its own birthday exhibition, with plenty of Rem-related displays. Oh, and Ram was there too, but not as much.

At least they included Ram in some of the exhibits, but it was clearly dominated by Rem… in fact, all of the exhibits featured the blue oni maid, while her sister… not as much. Those pink balloons are supposed to represent Ram, though, while the blue ones are Rem’s. And speaking of Rem’s dominance, one of the exhibition’s highlights include that life-size statue of her’s:

Yeah, Rem gets a life-size figure displayed but Ram gets nothing… poor girl. The exhibition also featured several upcoming Rem figures, including a 1/3 scale Hybrid Active doll from Azone.

The Shibuya Marui event will be held from February 1 to 27, 2017, while the Gamers Akihabara event will be held from February 1 to 28, 2017.

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