In anime, there are times where the character designs would often lead to the characters having the exact same faces. Sure, they would often have different hair styles or some would wear glasses and some would even have scars, but if you take all of that away, there really are anime which only have a so-called “one-face style”

Japanese rankings website, Goo, recently polled 5,001 anime fans to find out which anime do they think have characters which have the most similar faces. The poll yielded a total of 36 entries, and here are the Top 20:

20 – Girlfriend BETA

19 – Ranma 1/2

18 – Kantai Collection

17/16 (tie) – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Sailor Moon

15/14/13/12 (4-way tie) – Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Is the Order a Rabbit?, Gintama, and Kuroko’s Basketball

11 – Nisekoi

10 – Sword Art Online

9 – Clannad

8 – Love Live!

7 – Attack on Titan

6 – Sazae-san

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