Bushi Cafe and Totemo Japan are teaming up and inviting Japanophiles all over Singapore for a special event called “Pera Pera Cafe – What Are the Japanese Thinking?”. The Bushi Cafe in Victoria Street Bugis will be holding the event starting Friday, from 24 – 26 February 2017.

According to the official event page,

Pera Pera Cafe is meant to introduce conversational Japanese in fun and entertaining ways! ‘Pera pera’ means ‘speak fluently’ in Japanese, and for every event, we’ll learn specifically what and how to speak in different scenarios while interacting with Japanese people. This event is most useful for Japanophiles who want to learn conversational Japanese effectively without falling asleep reading textbooks.

The Bushi Cafe will be opening up our space and providing a special set menu for this event. Feel free to come down, mingle with like-minded people and learn plenty of new things!

The official website also adds that the event will:

explore the attitudes and behaviours of Japanese people and how best to respond to them in certain situations. In your travels to Japan or talking to Japanese people, you may have encountered some cultural or social differences that made you ask yourself, ‘Huh, what are the Japanese thinking?’. For example, why does a ‘yes’ response sometimes also mean ‘no’? We’ll break down some of these doubts and also introduce the opinions of Japanese people! Cutely designed handouts will also be provided.

The “sensei” teaching participants Japanese during this event has been speaking Japanese for over 20 years. She has also taught Japanese to plenty of non-native speakers. She has also been living in japan for quite some time, so she can really offer some insights on how they live.

Event Details

7.15 – 7.45pm: Arrive, check in, and settle into your favourite seat

7.45 – 9.15pm: Dive right into the conversations!

9.15 – 10pm: Practice speaking what you learnt with your new found friends

10pm – : Optional afterparty


The price of each ticket includes the following:

– Cutely designed handouts

– Special set menu by Bushi Cafe which includes a dessert and a drink

– The promise that you’ll be able to speak the Japanese that are taught!

Side Notes

– No prior knowledge of Japanese language is necessary.

– Although handouts are provided, you may wanna bring a pen and a notebook to take down your own notes.

Early bird tickets cost S$19.00, though you can also buy two for just S$29.00. Regular tickets for the event cost S$25.00. You can now reserve them through this link: http://pera-pera-cafe-1.peatix.com/

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