Several big Japanese anime retailers, including Tsutaya, have posted about the release of Hell Girl (Jogoku Shoujo)’s new Kessakusen Kachoufuugetsu manga volume by Miyuki Etoo. The Tsutaya listing has stated that the manga will come with a booklet containing character designs for a brand new Hell Girl TV anime.

The listing also stated that the new TV anime will begin airing in July 2017, but it didn’t give any further details. While these are official listings from reputed distributors, there’s still no official announcement about the new anime as of the moment. The Kessakusen Kachoufuugetsu manga volume will be released in March, and many are expecting that it will include the official announcement.

Hell Girl follows Ai Enma, a mysterious vengeful spirit which runs the Hell Correspondence website. Those who wish to exact vengeance upon their fellow men must write the names of their intended victims in the website. However, it comes with a price, and that is their souls would also go to hell after they die.

This new anime would become the 4th anime series for the Hell Girl franchise, which also includes a live-action TV series and a manga adaptation.

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