Brace yourselves ladies (and some gentlemen), because during the Special Event Hanamaru Biyori! for DMM’s Touken Ranbu PC game, they revealed that a sequel to the popular anthropomorphic sword boy anime has been green-lit. To celebrate the new anime, series character designer, Junichiro Taniguchi, drew a special illustration of Yasusada Yamatonokami and Kiyomitsu Kashuu.

However, they didn’t make any more announcements about the sequel, and as of the moment, details are still a bit scarce. Here are the Hanamaru anime’s Blu-ray/DVD cover art:

This won’t be the only new Touken Ranbu anime, however, as ufotable is also releasing their own anime based on the game. It is called Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu, and it is slated for July 2017.

Much like the first anime, the sequel will be based on DMM’s popular PC/smartphone game about anthropomorphic sword boys. Many consider the game as a more female-oriented version of DMM’s Kantai Collection game, which focuses on anthropomorphic World War II ship girls.

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