Remember when those Go–karters cosplayed as Mario Kart characters while carting? They’re from Akiba Kart and started off a new wave of Mario Kart-inspired Go-karting in Tokyo. Several other companies have spawned, and one of them is called MariCar. However, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be happy with them, especially with MariCar, which they are suing for copyright infringement.

Not only that, Nintendo is also suing them for allegedly violating the country’s Unfair Competition Prevention Act. According to a statement by Nintendo, MariCar’s name causes confusion with Mario Kart itself. They pointed out that “the service provides Nintendo character costumes to renters and uses photos and videos of customers in said outfits as promotion.”

MariCar holds Go-Kart tours around Tokyo, and their prices range from US$53 to $71. Nintendo added that it will continue to take steps to protect the intellectual property it has built over of many years of hard work.

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Source: Kotaku


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