Every Valentine’s Day, Japanese girls hand out chocolates for their friends, family, and of course, the guy they like. For girls, it’s an important day, but for guys who don’t receive one, it’s a day of dejection and loneliness. But fret not, because Re:Zero and Gamers Akihabara will be giving you one anyway!

From February 14 – 19, Re:Zero will be giving away free chocolates at the 7th floor of Gamers Akihabara. Long lines are expected, and they will be giving away the free chocolate only until supplies last, so better hurry! Gamers Akihabara will be limiting the chocolate handout per day, so if that certain day’s chocolates run out, the poor guys who weren’t early enough won’t get any of Rem’s chocolate for that day. But don’t worry, the giveaway is for six days, so guys have plenty of time to line up.

Gamers Akihabara opens at 10:00 am., while the Rem chocolate is made by Japanese chocolate brand, Tirol. Meanwhile, Gamers Akihabara will also be giving away free “cookies” from Saga of Tanya the Evil for Valentine’s Day.

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