The Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) serves as a media watchdog for Japan. They recently get complaints for all sorts of reasons, and of course, they also get complaints regarding anime. Several anime have already been reported to them include Gintama, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, and of course, Shimoneta. Now, the latest to be added to the list is Scum’s Wish.

According to the complaint, there was an “extreme kissing scene between two high school students” in the anime. It added that while the anime has a late night time slot, the anime was broadcast on a regular airborne signal, which many say can be viewed by anyone.

Though the report only mentioned a late night anime and did not name Scum’s Wish specifically, the details of the complaint made many believe it to be Scum’s Wish. The report stated that it aired in January and is a late night anime with “extreme kissing”. Of the many late night anime which premiered in January, Scum’s Wish particularly had plenty of torrid kissing scenes.

The complaint also called for more caution for its broadcasters, as commercials for the anime also air when kids are supposedly watching.

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Source: BPO


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