Sega recently held elections for their latest Love Live! image girl to not only promote their Love Live! products, but their games and arcades as well. With Love Live! Sunshine!! practically taking over the franchise over their predecessors, it’s time for Rin Hoshizora to give up her title and give it to an AQOURS member. But the big question is, who?

The fans have now voted, and the results of the election have been revealed! The new Love Live! Sunshine!! image girl taking over Rin’s old post is…

Hanamaru Kunikida

Congratulations Zuramaru! It seems like she’s not only the official Love Live! image girl for Thailand, but Sega as well! And she’s also an admirer of the former image girl, Rin! And like Rin, she’s also a first year, so there are a lot of similarities.

And also like Rin, she also has her own infamous verbal tic. While Rin usually ends her sentences with “nya”, Hanamaru ends her sentences with her infamous “Zura”. Hopefully, Zuramaru makes Sega great again!

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