Movie leaks From the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale move ranging from 10 seconds to eight minutes may have caused many Japanese licencors to think about blacklisting both Malaysia and Singapore. This may result to anime movies not being released in either or both countries. ODEX, which distributes the film in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, has now released a statement regarding this incident.

According to ODEX’s post in their official Facebook page:

We received a notice from Japan that there are SAO movie video leaks ranging from 10 secs to 8 mins; and the source was traced to Singapore & Malaysia’s Fan Screening on 18 Feb 2017.

Regardless of the reason or circumstances surrounding the unauthorised recording of the movie, this incident has serious repercussions on our local anime community.

The irresponsible actions of the minority who carried out the unauthorised recording drew flak from Japanese licensors because this is a serious infringement of copyright,resulting in the very likelihood of Singapore and Malaysia being blacklisted for future anime film release.

While ODEX is doing its utmost to limit the damage suffered, we seek your help to alert the cinema management of any unauthorised photography or videography taking place during the screenings.

We work to bring the latest and popular anime movies to the big screens of Singapore and Malaysia, this will not be possible if there are movie leaks damaging the integrity of our local anime community.

We need your help to stop unauthorised recording in cinemas.

Thank you.

These leaked images and videos had grainy and low quality, however, they are still violating copyright laws and have the Japanese distributors up in arms.

The Facebook post also encourages fans to share it in order to spread awareness. Film piracy is a huge problem in the entire South East Asian region, and hopefully, this incident won’t lead to any more repercussions for anime fans in our region.

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