Before Attack on Titan season 2 airs on April 1, Koei Tecmo is releasing a brand new game for the franchise for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is titled “Attack on Titan: Escape From the Brink of Death”, and they have now revealed a brand new PV for it!

Koei Tecmo’s Ruby Party team is developing the game, which will be released in japan on 30th March, just two days before the second TV anime airs! The video also teases the game’s Treasure Box edition, which includes a soundtrack CD, waterproof posters, an artbook, tin badges, and special 3DS themes.

Oh, and Connie, please keep Potato Girl away from all the food!

The game will feature an original story which will have the Survey Corps members investigate a castle, however, the titans attack and their 3D Maneuver Gear equipment get broken.

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