Miki Yoshikawa’s Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches manga is already ending in a few chapters, and they revealed the final volume’s cover, and it may have spoiled the ending!

Well, to be honest, we all saw that Urara will win the Yamada bowl, but them getting married? Now, what about the other witches? Now that’s the question everyone wants answered.

The final manga volume with the wedding illustration, Volume 28, will also be having a special edition. The final volume will go on sale on 17th April. In addition, the series is also getting itself a special art collection.

The anime follows a school delinquent named Ryuu Yamada, who suddenly takes a fall and accidentally kisses the school’s smartest student, Urara Shiraishi. Because of the kiss, the two then switch bodies. Yamada then learns that Shiraishi is a witch, and that there are six more out there, and their powers can all be activated through kissing.

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