When several reputable Japanese news organizations first reported that Hayao Miyazaki is “officially” coming out of retirement, the internet exploded. People were rejoicing as the Academy Award-winning director is making more films. However, that really may not be the case according to Studio Ghibli co-founder and producer Toshio Suzuki.

Suzuki was previously interviewed during the Academy Awards. There, Suzuki confirmed that Miyazaki himself is working on a new feature-length anime film. However, during a meeting with the Japanese press, Suzuki clarified his statements. First of all, Suzuki confirmed that Miyazaki really has plans on making a new feature film, but clarified that “but it is still in the planning stage and nothing is ready.”

Then, a reporter from one of Japan’s most respected newspapers, Asahi Shimbun, asked “Judging from your remarks here, what you try to mean is that Miyazaki has revoked his retirement, in a word?” To this, Suzuki replied:

“No, I mean…(laugh) OK, let me put it this way. He (Miyazaki) said he would not make any more and

would retire. So even if he comes up with a new plan, he is still a retired man unless the film is actually

made. That’s what I am saying. I know I am making an unreasonable excuse. If he really starts working

on production of his new film and finishes it, then we can say he is out of retirement. To tell the truth,

we need a lot of staff to make a feature film. But he is working by himself now, though he needs at least

600 people. That’s his concern. If we really decide to make a new film, I will announce it officially, of

course. We just have not reached that point yet. So if you ask me ‘Will you make it?’ now, I have to

deny it. Because honestly, I have nothing to announce (laugh).”

Hmmmmmmm… That still leaves a lot to the imagination, doesn’t it. But whether or not it’s been green-lit yet still has a lot of fans hyped, so Ghibli better clarify if he’s really coming back or not!

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Source: Crunchyroll


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