It may not have been green-lit yet, but Hayao Miyazaki’s apparent return to film making has generated a ton of hype. In his live-streaming program, Gainax co-founder Toshio Okada weighed in on the matter. The self-proclaimed “OtaKing” said in his program that he believes that the Oscar winner’s return to making feature films is already doomed to fail.

Okada said that Miyazaki won’t be able to make the same quality of work as he did in his prime. The Gainax Co-founder also said that he watched NHK’s latest documentary about Miyazaki and saw the preview of his Studio Ghibli Museum short, Boro the Caterpillar. He was not impressed.

He alluded to Miyazaki getting older, and said that the legendary director might not be able to keep up to the rigors of animating anymore. He said that while Miyazaki might have been used to working 12 – 14 hours a day, he might not be able to only last working for two or three hours these days. He even added that Miyazaki might even need to visit a chiropractor for his back after working those short hours… OUCH!

Okada then added that when he saw the NHK special, he thought that Miyazaki’s own “personal power” is already faltering. He then said that the Ghibli co-founder’s latest works demonstrated Miyazaki’s failing image.

However, Okada did admit that he wanted to see Miyazaki return, and it would be fitting for the legendary director to go like legendary mangaka Osamu Tezuka, and that is to die with a pen in hand. He noted that dying doing what you love is the dream of many creators in the anime industry, and that includes himself. He said that Miyazaki also wants to go that way.

What do you guys think of Okada’s comments? Do you think the OtaKing is right? Or do you think that Miyazaki will surprise him if he does indeed return?

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