Heads up ladies (and some gentlemen), because your favorite abtastic swimmers are back! The official Free! anime website has revealed that the swimming anime is getting itself three new anime movies. Two of them will be compilation movies titled Free! Timeless Medley, while the sequel film will contain a new story, and is titled Free! -Take Your Marks-.

The first compilation film, Free! Timeless Medley Kizuna, will open on April 22, while the second one, Free! Timeless Medley Yakusoku, will open on July 1. The first film will focus on the members of the Iwatobi Swimming team, while the second film will focus on Rin and Sousuke. Both films will feature new footage not found in the TV anime.

As for the sequel film, it will follow the events after Timeless Medley, and will take place as Haruka is about to graduate from high school. It will premiere later this year, after the two movies have been released.

Kyoto Animation is once again animating the three films, with Eisaku Kawanami being promoted from episode director to director, while Futoshi Nishiya is once again doing the character designs.

Now, who’s actually excited?

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