The Winter 2017 anime season is wrapping up, and out of the new series, which ones stood out? Sure, we have a few returning series and spin-offs this season which were worth watching, like KonoSuba 2 and even Little Witch Academia, but what about the new ones? We took a look at the new titles introduced this season, and picked the ones we though stood out.

We only picked five new titles, and excluded the returning ones like KonoSuba 2 and Yowamushi Pedal. After a lot of agreeing, disagreeing, and arguments, here’s our 5 picks:

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

As they always say, KyoAni finds a way. Winter 2017 certainly has been quite a slow season compared to previous ones, but KyoAni managed to spice it up a lot with cute moe dragons! The anime certainly has a lot of quirks, and the dragons make the anime all worthwhile. The anime is certainly one of this season’s standouts, and this is proven on how much people just can’t get enough of Kanna, Tohru, and the other dragons.

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Department

This anime certainly comes up big in terms of the intrigue department. With power struggles, politics, familial relations, and a coup d’etat all coming into play, ACCA 13 certainly proves to be one of the season’s biggest surprises. The anime is also quite underrated in my opinion, and compared to some of the new series introduced this season, it really does stand out a lot. Oh, and it also makes you crave for sliced bread or toast for some reason…

Scum’s Wish

Lies, love, sex, and longing for a person who will never love you back… Scum’s Wish promised to make hearts ache, and it surely did. The series has been quite controversial, which is not surprising since it’s really not intended for minors. The anime has been popular with fans of the sub genre, Netorare, and for good reasons too! But remember folks, this one ain’t for kids.

Saga of Tanya the Evil

Remember those psychotic kids from several works of fiction, who really make our blood curl on how evil they are despite being so young? Imagine making an anime about one of them…

Saga of Tanya the Evil follows a Japanese office worker who gets reincarnated by God into a little girl as punishment. Japanese office worker is actually a cutthroat slave driver and when he gets resurrected as a girl, she immediately goes up the ranks of a military during war time and uses his demon-like ways on his subordinates and enemies. Filled with awesome story-telling and great characters, the anime truly delivers as one of this season’s standouts.

Kemono Friends

Oh Kemono Friends, where do I even begin? The anime starts off as a nature documentary of sorts, explaining the behavior of certain animals shown on each episode. At first glance, it’s a cute and fluffy anime about anthropomorphic animals like Serval, Grey Wolf, African Lion, Fennec, Raccoon, and many more, but as the episodes progress, the anime actually reveals a much deeper plot which involves the question “What ever happened to the humans?” Oh, and thrown in some dangerous blob monsters known as Ceruleans and a mystery regarding main character, Kaban’s past, and we’ve got ourselves a season standout. The anime is actually Winter 2017’s sleeper hit, and a rare gem indeed! As Serval puts it, “Sugoi sugoi!”

There you have it folks, our picks for this season’s standouts. What do you think of our picks?

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