The Winter 2017 anime season is now ending, with plenty of series having now aired their final episodes. As March turns to April, the Spring 2017 season’s upcoming series are about to take over. We start our look at Spring 2017 with the new titles that the upcoming season is introducing. These are new series which don’t have anything to do with anime which were previously shown. This means no spin-offs like Cinderella Girls Theater, and no sequels like Attack on Titan season 2.

Of the many new titles, we narrowed our list to five. These were decided between ourselves here at SGCafe. After some arguments, and even a fist fight, here are our picks.

Re: Creators

From the tradition of Re:Zero, ReLife, and ReWrite, we’re getting yet another anime with Re on the title! All joking aside, this new anime is from Black Lagoon creator, Rei Hiroe, and animated by Studio Troyca. Re: Creators is a SciFi anime which focuses in a world where everyone is a “creator”.

The Seven Mortal Sins

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge fan of Hobby Japan’s line of erotic statues, and when they announced an anime adaptation, I was hyped. The anime will follow Lucifer, Leviathan, and the human known as Maria, as the fallen angel, Lucifer challenges the Seven Lords of Hell after her fall.


If you loved OreImo, you’re gonna love this one. From the very guy who created OreImo, Tsukasa Fushimi, comes this new “Sibling Romantic Comedy” which centers around a high school light novel author and his artist, Eromanga-sensei… who also happens to be his younger sister. What’s up with Tsukasa Fushimi and brother-sister relationships?!

FrameArms Girls

Much like The Seven Mortal Sins, this is also based on a figure line, this time from Kotobukiya’s plastic model line of the same name. The anime will be focusing on the FrameArm Girl, Gourai, and her owner, Ao Gennai.

Grimoire of Zero

Great, yet another fantasy anime based on a light novel, right? But there’s something about the main character which sets him apart. He’s no Kirito, in fact, he’s big and bulky. He’s nowhere as handsome as most alternate world main characters, in fact, he’s half-beast. And then there’s the female lead Zero, who is searching for a lost grimoire, and blackmails our beastman male lead to be her bodyguard… Sing it with me… Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…

So, what do you think of our picks? Next time, we will be posting our picks for the returning anime and spin-offs we’re most excited to see!

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