The popular Japanese-style tactical RPG, Valiant Force, has released a large update today (March 23rd) featuring the appearance of two mysterious burning towers! The towers call for adventurers and guildmates alike to strategize and climb up to see what rewards await them! Also, the new Summoner Hero Sven has appeared! Watch as this Champion class Summoner calls his Wyvern into battle!

A new hero and challenge have arrived!

Summoning Mechanics – New strategies with the 2nd Summoner Hero!

Following last version’s powerful mystic summoner hero, Talissa, the strategies for Valiant Force continue to change with the addition of the all new Champion Summoner Hero, Sven! Sven utilizes the power of divine fire and is capable of summoning a strong Wyvern in battle. His Wyvern pet evolves alongside Sven, acquiring even stronger skills!

3-Star Sven: Warrior job class with summoned Wyvern

4-Star Sven: Slayer job class with summoned Ruby Wyvern

5-Star Sven: Berserker job class with summoned Chaos Wyvern

5-Star Sven: Warlord job class with summoned Azure Wyvern


Hero Introduction

Name: Sven Larsson

Birthday: August 18th (26 to 30 years old)

Hometown: Cyron

Hobbies: Taking care of Talissa, evening breezes, strolling

Sven’s gentle demeanor has caused the other Summoners to see him as an older brother. He takes special care of Talissa, treating her as if she was his own younger sister. Despite his warm and easygoing nature, Sven exhibits unnecessary cruelty at times, which may be a result of the painful memories he has of the Great War. Sven’s Berserker class pet, Chaos Wyvern, can be seen as a symbol of his darker self.


Challenge Firestorm Keep – Climb the 2 towers for legendary rewards!

The Firestorm Watchtower and Keep made of levels upon levels of burning ash and ruin. With danger and monsters at every turn, there are great rewards awaiting adventures who are able to rise to the challenge! Valiant Force has introduced an all new style of event, calling players to all climb the burning Firestorm Keep together, and see who can reach the top! Along the way, players will collect legendary rewards, and uncover the mysteries of the keep.

Watchtower – Players may reduce the strength of a level’s monsters by challenging it multiple times. The higher players climb, the better the possible rewards! This is a great chance for players to challenge themselves and increase the power of their teams.

Keep – Players will challenge this tower alongside their guildmates. Once the total contribution amounts reach a set amount, the next section will be unlocked. Monsters will also become weaker as players continue challenging each level. Help your guild reach the top!

Ascend Firestorm Keep: Players can view their own progress as well as the progress of other guild members.


Coming Features and Updates!

The Valiant Force design team is dedicated to constantly tweaking and improving the game’s content. It is our mission to provide players with the best and most exciting gameplay experience. We will continue collecting suggestions and feedback from our loyal adventurers!


The coming updates and events:

  • Rune Fusion: The ability to fuse low level runes into higher level runes.
  • Songkran event discount and water gun promotion.
  • New Dark Disciple and summoner hero.
  • Competitive ladder system adjustments.
  • The 3rd Valiant Force Global Art Contest.

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