Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) is trying to promote local Japanese food to tourists. To do this, they need a very good ambassador to promote food, and it seems they have found one. Hatsune Miku is known the world over, and they chose her to be the ambassador! Now, she’s even released her own food music video with MAFF titled “OISHII TRIP”. But be warned though, Miku can get you hungry in this video:

In the video, she visits several Japanese regions, from Hokkaido to Kyuushu. There, she samples the local delicacies being offered in each city and singing about how delicious (oishii) they are.

This is all part of MAFF’s Taste of Japan promotion, which aims to get people even more interested in Japanese cuisine. And yes, they’ve found a really great ambassador to help promote local and regional Japanese food and make us all really really hungry.

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