Earlier, we finally said our goodbyes to Odaiba’s life-size RX-78-2 Gundam statue. True, a new life-size statue of the Unicorn Gundam may indeed be replacing it later this year, but the original still has a special place in many Gundam fans’ hearts. Now, YouTuber Darwinfish105 has started streaming a time lapse video of the life-size statue’s final days.

The end of an era indeed. The video shows the 18-metre statue in its twilight, as it winds down before construction workers begin to disassemble it.

While the Unicorn will be replacing the RX-78-2 soon, they will also be replacing Gundam Front Tokyo, which can be located at the 7th Floor of Diver City Tokyo mall.  It will be closing shop on April 5, and its replacement is called “The Gundam Base Tokyo complex”. This new complex will also be on the seventh floor of Diver City Tokyo, and will be considered Japan’s largest Gundam model center. It will sell over 2,000 varieties of GunPla, including some classics from the 1980’s. Meanwhile, Bandai also announced that the Unicorn will be standing tall in Odaiba starting Fall 2017.

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