Sometimes, anime sequels can come just three months after the first one aired, and sometimes, they can take YEARS after the last one aired. This is quite true with light novel-based anime, with titles like Full Metal Panic getting a new sequel over a DECADE after its last TV anime aired. Now, Japanese anime news website,, has conducted a poll to see which light novel-based anime need a sequel.

The poll garnered 2,500 votes, and only included works which had anime adaptations by 2016. Of the 20 titles included in the poll, only the Top 20 were named, and here are the results:

10 – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

9 – A Certain Magical Index

8 – Humanity Has Declined

7 – Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

6 – The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

5 – Sword Art Online

4 – Re:Zero

3- Baccano!

2 – Hyouka

1 – Slayers

Slayers may have had a new anime called Slayers Evolution R back in 2009, but it seems that fans want more! With an unforgettable cast of characters like Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and many more, it really does seem that fans want more.

The Mainstream LN duo of Sword Art Online and Re:Zero made it to the Top 5 as well, while Hyouka proves to also be a strong contender at #2.

Meanwhile, some long overdue sequels are also in the list, such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Baccano!, and of course, A Certain Magical Index, the latter of which has become a meme of sorts for not getting its fabled season 3 for quite so long now.

Which other LN-based anime do you think deserves a sequel?

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