Despite getting lots of love from both fans and critics alike, Daichi Sorayomi’s Keijo!!!!!!!! manga got cancelled. There have been lots of rumors floating around as to why the manga got cancelled, and now, Sorayomi has finally started explaining why.

One of the biggest rumors regarding its cancellation are the anime’s poor DVD and Blu-ray sales. He flat out denied these rumors as he actually talked about this to the anime’s staff. The rumors stated that the anime only sold about 715 units for Vol. 1, but they revealed that Vol. 1 actually sold much more than that amount. It seems like the fans got the numbers wrong.

It seems that the real reason for the cancellation is his own “lack of skill”, as well as several circumstances between him and Keijo’s publisher, Shogakukan. He admitted that the publisher was a bit hesitant to give his manga more support, and claimed a few other things, such as the company not giving him enough assistants to work with him. When he was writing Keijo, Sorayomi admitted that he only had one assistant, but when he asked for more, Shogakukan apparently told him they can’t find any more for him. And because of the lack of assistants, he had so much work that he actually passed out for an hour.

The other claims in his post include that Shogakukan itself didn’t sponsor the anime, which only needed one more sponsor to be able to be shown in Western Japan. However, the mangaka did admit that he couldn’t confirm whether this is true or not.

The mangaka also claimed that Weekly Shounen Sunday, which serializes his Keijo, placed his manga near the back, even when the anime was airing. The back is usually where the least popular manga titles are found.

In the end, Sorayomi still thanked Shogakukan and Shounen Sunday for the chance to serialize his work. He also thanked everyone involved in the project, including the anime’s staff and seiyuu. He also added that he will add extra chapters for the manga’s Vol 16, 17, and 18.

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