The live-action stage play, Live Impact Attack on Titan, was supposed to boast high-flying acrobatic action as humanity battles the titans. However, tragedy struck as acrobat Kazutaka Yoshino got on an accident while inspecting the show’s equipment last April 10. He died shortly afterwards.

Now, the play’s staff has announced that because of the incident, the show is now cancelled. They said that Yoshino is a valuable member of the staff, and that they couldn’t move forward with the show because of the incident. They then apologized to the fans, and announced that they will be refunding the tickets to those who paid for and bought tickets already.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident, and the play’s staff and cast are cooperating with the investigations.

Yoshino died after a 10-metre fall from the fifth to second floor of the Maihama Ampitheater. Apparently, Yoshino was inspecting the equipment that they will be using for the play’s action sequences. He was using the equipment when he fell, which means he suspended himself in midair before the incident took place. The hospital pronounced him dead on arrival.

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