When we posted about the To Love-Ru: Darkness manga coming to an end, we received many comments saying this is still not the end of the franchise. You know what, it turns out they they’re correct! The manga’s writer, Saki Hasemi, commented that while To Love-Ru Darkness may be over, it isn’t the story’s “final chapter.”

The manga’s 18th and final volume has finally been released earlier this week, and both mangaka commented on it. Writer Hasemi said that “future developments haven’t yet been decided” but stressed that “Darkness” really ain’t the story’s final chapter.

Meanwhile, artist Kentaro Yamabuki revealed that his next work might not be connected to To Love-Ru. However, he also joked he would like to draw a story about the character Mikan as a magical girl. He said  “It would be nice if there is a time and place where I can draw that.”

To Love-Ru Darkness officially ended last month, though Jump SQ. is releasing two bonus chapters.

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Source: ANN



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