It’s official, the sextuplets are back folks! The official Mr. Osomatsu website has updated to reveal that a second season has been green-lit for the series. They also revealed a brand new trailer!

The website also revealed a new key visual, and it features all six Matsuno sextuplets.

Director Yoichi Fujita and script writer Shuu Matsubara are both returning for the sequel, along with the main cast. So far, the staff haven’t announced much details about this second season yet, so stay tuned.

The series is based on the late Fujio Akatsuka’s original Osomatsu-kun manga, which began serialization in 1962. The original manga follows the Matsuno Sextuplets as kids, and they are all in love with the same girl, Totoko. However, Mr. Osomatsu re-imagines the classic’s characters as adults, and the fans still love them.

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