Marvelous’s Fate/Extra CCC gaming franchise recently held a special live-streaming event. During the program, the staff revealed that they have a new project related to Marvelous’s Musuo-style Fate action game, Fate/Extella.

However, the panel didn’t reveal much about this latest Fate/Extella project. The did, however, reveal that “Servant Action” will be very important in this latest upcoming work.

And speaking of Fate/Extella, the first game, Umbral Star, will be getting its own port for the Nintendo Switch. Japan will be getting the Nintendo Switch port first, on July 20, before North America, which will have its release on July 25. This will come after the game was released for PS4 and PS Vita consoles in Japan back in November 2016.

source: Hachimakikou


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