This is it folks, the ReLIFE anime is finally ending, however, not as a new season, but a 4-episode OVA. The staff has now green-lit production on that 4-episode finale, and also revealed a new PV:

The 4-episode OVA will follow the events after the TV anime’s 13th episode. It will then conclude with the end of Arata’s ReLIFE experiment. The OVA’s release will come in both DVD and Blu-ray formats, and will go on sale in March 2018.

Yes folks, this means that there won’t be any second season for the anime. But then again, what might happen to Arata? Will it stay loyal to the manga? So many questions, and March 2018 is still far off! Looks like the staff will announce more details in the days to come.

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source: Comic Natalie


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