With series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto all being represented, The Official Shounen Jump theme park, J-World Tokyo, has become of Japan’s most famous anime and manga theme parks. The theme park features rides, games, and all sorts of anime and manga-related activities. And now, they’re offering cosplay as well!

J-World Tokyo will be opening their new J-Cos! cosplay room on April 21, 2017! In that new attraction, visitors can rent out official costumes from four Shounen Jump series, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Gintama, and Naruto. There are several courses to choose from too! The basic course allows theme park visitors to cosplay as any one of the characters from the four series for 3,500 yen, with a rental time of 80 minutes.

Meanwhile, those who want special props related to their character can take the Special Course, which costs 4,500 yen for 80 minutes.

And if you want to immortalize your experience at J-World while in cosplay, you can add 2,000 yen for an official photographer. You will also get a special picture frame for this photo.

J-World can be found in Ikebukuro’s famous Sunshine City World Import Mart Building, and it’s on the third floor to be exact. Yours truly, together with fellow SGCafe writer, Zenko, went there back in 2014, and it features several attractions, games, and activities for all sorts of anime fans.

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