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After more than a year of teasing, the giant robot duel between Japan’s Kuratas and USA’s Megabots are going forward as planned. This time, they finally have a date for when that historic battle will officially take place in August 2017. Megabots Inc revealed new details for the planned giant robot fight in a new video.

Apparently. they’re not telling us when this giant robot battle will take place. But we do know it’s going down in August, and whoever wins, we’re all going to be winners because as a giant robot fan, this is going to be awesome! Place your bets people!

The respective YouTube channels for both Megabots Inc and Suidobashi Heavy Industry will be streaming this literal mega fight online. Both robot-making companies have also beefed up their mechs over the past few years just for this duel, which started when the guys from Megabots publicly challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a giant robot showdown. Both sides have challenged their inner pro-wrestlers and talked a lot of smack, with Suidobachi saying that “giant robots are Japanese culture” and their Kuratas will “Punch the Mk-III to Scrap”. Meanwhile, Megabots have been performing a ton of exhibitions with their robot to show Suidobashi that they mean business.

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