Spring is officially in full gear, with several new anime titles now premiering. But which are the ones which stood out from the pack? We’ve watched all the premiere episodes, and chose five titles that we think stood out. Our criteria right now, since these are for the first few episodes, is not if the anime is actually that good, but whether if it got a lot of attention or shocked us.

In this list, we only chose five new titles, and purposely left out the returning ones like Attack on Titan, or the spin-offs like Sword Oratoria. And without further ado, here are our picks:

On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest

The anime may only be FIVE MINUTES LONG, but it’s done what anime shorts rarely do, and that’s stand out. The hot and steamy romantic scenes have gotten the attention of fans, who even nicknamed male lead Takahide Kujo as “One Thrust Man” in reference to that certain overpowered bald character. Oh, and this anime ain’t for kids, definitely!


OK, so we found the premiere episode to be good, but it’s actually episode 2 which blew us away. Fictional characters from various media are coming to life in search of their creators is the conflict arising from that has a lot of people talking!

The Seven Mortal Sins

In anime, they say that to stand out, you need lots of “plot”… Boy, did the Seven Mortal Sins stand out, huh?

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Lazy guy gets forced into a teaching job, meets cute students, seems like he sucks at teaching, but then blows everyone away once he starts to relax. Now, this anime may seem like its pretty much like any old fantasy harem anime, but the end of its first arc made us wanting to watch more, and yes, Glen is a badass.

Alice and Zouroku

Overpowered yet naive and innocent girl meets normal old man with tons of experiences in life. The meeting between the two, Sana and the man named Zouroku, may be interesting enough, but add in a secret organization trying to capture Sana for her powers makes it a bit more interesting. Can an ordinary old florist save a little girl from a mysterious organization and their super powered henchmen? In terms of storytelling, this anime, along with Re:Creators, are standing out so far.

So, what do you think of our picks? Which other anime do you think stood out?

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