Kemono Friends has without a doubt, become Winter 2017’s biggest runaway success. The anime has inspired memes, from Kaban and Serval’s adventures to Crested Ibis’s singing, as well as covers of its OP song and a ton of fan artworks. The anime even has critics singing praises, and this includes TV Tokyo CEO, Yuuichi Takahashi.

The CEO of one of Japan’s biggest broadcasters recently talked about last season’s sleeper hit in a recent press conference. He said:

I thought that it was more popular than I had assumed, and I felt a peculiar “depth” to it… I also saw the comments about it online, and it’s great that anime now gets that kind of big discussion and excitement. I thought it was an interesting phenomenon, and I was surprised that fans were so affected by it that they came up with theories about its setting… Even considering modern anime culture, it’s a fascinating work.

Takahashi was originally one of the people who haven’t seen the anime originally, as he previously said he hasn’t watched it yet. But now it seems, he’s a believer! Oh, and this may be how he transitioned to being a fan:

But did you know that the producers didn’t expect the anime to be this big?! Kemono Friends is actually inspired from a now-dead game app, which isn’t coming back any time soon. But the anime is so huge that the series is getting new original content in TV Tokyo’s AniTele streaming service, as well as a new video project! Now, WELCOME TO JAPARI PARK!

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Source: ANN


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