Lala Deviluke is considered by many as one of Japanese anime’s most iconic main heroines. And as promised, she’s getting her own life-size figure, which is also going on sale to celebrate the finale of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Design Co-Co produces these life-size Lala Deviluke figures for a mere 2,800,000 yen, and that still doesn’t include tax and shipping. Pretty cheap, huh? The figure’s size is H1735×W650×D515 mm, and weighs approximately 45kg.

Only 10 units will be made, and those who will have the rights to but her will have to join a lottery, which is now open via Shounen Jump’s official online shop.  But better hurry up, interested buyers can only sign up to the lottery until May 31, 2017. The statue ships out on March 2018, and will be the second life-size To Love-Ru statue following Lala’s younger sister, Momo.

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