It’s no secret that in Japan, a lot of women, primarily fujoshi, love seeing two men kiss. It’s also no secret that it takes something special for an idol group to truly stand out in Japan. The Japanese idol industry is really cutthroat, with hundreds of idol groups all vying for fans’ attention. This may be why a new Japanese all-male idol group came out with a new music video… with all nine members kissing each other!

What a way to truly stand out, huh?! That should get a lot of attention! The idol group calls itself “MeseMoa”, and is actually a former all-male cover group for Morning Musume, previously called Morning Musumen. The song is titled “Shadow Kiss”, which is actually the first single from their new album Secret. This will be the group’s first single from their first album with their new name.

The music video features a total of 36 kisses according to a few sharp-eyed viewers, and it certainly got the attention of a lot of fujoshi. I think it’s no “Secret” that “MeseMoa” is targeting that very lucrative Fujoshi market, huh?

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Source: Net Lab


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