Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva recently competed during the ISU World Team Trophy skating competition in Tokyo. The figure skater has gained notoriety for being one huge Yuri!! on Ice fangirl, and also for her Sailor Moon-themed performance. Now, she brought back that Sailor Moon theme for the Tokyo competition.

She even brought Luna with her in the skating rink! But everything changed with her transformation scene, with the words “Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!” blaring in the background. And yes, Moonlight Densetsu was playing on the background!

When she first debuted her Sailor Moon routine, Medvedeva became an instant internet darling, and was even greeted by Sailor Moon creator, Naoko Takeuchi herself!

And yes, she’s also that same Russian figure skater who admitted to be a huge Yuri!! on Ice fangirl.

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source: Crunchyroll


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