MegaHouse’s BotsNew VR system may make your childhood dreams of being a Saiyan a reality! This is because they will be releasing their BotsNew Characters Dragon Ball Z VR system, which will take you to the world of Dragon Ball! As the VR system’s PV reveals, you can do the Kamehameha, measure people’s power levels, and even fly!

The VR system, which even comes with the Capsule Corp logo, includes a flight simulator which allows users to fly around Akira Toriyama’s world of Dragon Ball. It also comes with two hand sensors which lets people unleash the Kamehameha! It seems that you can even blast Frieza with it. Just try not to destroy the living room or you might get in trouble with your life’s version of Chichi!

The system also lets you measure the power levels of other people! Just don’t straight-up chellenge them to fights if their power levels are waaaaaaaaaay below yours, ok?

MegaHouse will be unleashing their BotsNew Characters Dragon Ball Z VR system to the public by late June 2017. It will cost 12,960 yen.

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