It’s no joke, but I’m a HUGE wrestling fan, and I’ll tell you that the biggest event in the industry will always be Wrestlemania. The event has now wrapped up, and will be known as the day The Hardy Boyz returned after a long time, and The Undertaker retiring. The trio of Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston, also known as New Day, hosted the huge wrestling event, and they started the show by going out in outfits inspired by Final Fantasy.

Big E came out as a Samurai while Kofi Kingston had a Red Made-inspired attire. This is quite fitting as not only is Final Fantasy XIV sponsoring the event itself, but Xavier Woods, or Austin Creed to all you gamers out there, is the guy who runs the Up Up Down Down gaming channel, and is one of the most popular gamers in the world. Hey, they even have Chocobo on their ice cream machine and a moogle of Kofi Kingston’s shoulder.

Well, that’s New Day for you! Previously, they entered Wrestlmania in a Dragon Ball homage by putting on some Saiyan armor.

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