While some universities offer courses like English Literature or International Politics, two Chinese universities seem to have added courses related to a manga by the legendary Gosho Aoyama. Of course, that manga is Detective Conan, which itself is really popular in China. So popular that two universities are offering courses on it.

Wuhan Province’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology offers a course called “Detective Conan and Logical Reasoning”. The course studies the series’ various characters and how they used logic to their advantage. In other words, this is basically a course on logic which features the manga’s characters.

Meanwhile, the Central South University in Changsha offers up a course called “Detective Conan and Chemistry”. As the name implies, it studies Detective Conan’s Story and its relationship with Chemistry Principles.

Other fiction-based studies are also popping up in China, including ones focusing on then relationship between Harry Potter and genetics. There’s also even another university which studies Tarzan’s jungle survival skills.

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source: Livedoor News


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